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DESCALER - Cooling Tower – Chiller

(Descaler was checked and Signed, Stemped by Directorate for Standdards, Metrology an Quality)


VietNam Mechanical And Electrical Constructrion Joint Stock Company- A research complex of the company and some universities have almost ten years and for the equipment descaler breakthrough technology - handles descaler, sediment for water cooling tower and Chiller water cooling  (the open-loop water circulation colling systems: Heat exchanger equipment, chiller, cooling tower, system valves, piping, heatsick,   ...). It cost saving and absolutely safe for the system, people and the environment Viet Nam


Functions and advantages:

- Non-use chemicals

- Saving of 30% - 60% the cost of power consumption.(Depend on the function each system)

- Remove the sediment was sticking in the system

- Recovery of sediment into the basket and put it out

- Anti moss and algae on the cooling tower and in water circulation

- Anti reconstruct sediment. Maintain clean system sediment, algae

- Easy to implement and move

- Increased cooling capacity

- Improved heat transfer

- Energy efficient operation

- No need to input water treatment

- No more stop system for routine maintenance

- Increase the lifespan heat exchanger, increasing system longevity


Attachment: Catalogue of  Descaler,

  • Certificate is Signed, Stemped by Directorate for Standdards, Metrology an Quality about stable performance , energy saving , safety system , does not pollute the environment does not affect human health

We are sure my descaler breakthrough technology is only equipment and the best suitable, effective for your system without using chemical.

 In order to prove the most effective for Descaler. We offer two choices for you as follows

  1. For lease with short time to prove the most effectiveness.
  2. To sign contract, advance labor fee to install Descaler equiment for operational test in short time then customers pay after seeing Descalers effective.

We hope you will have the best choice.


Best regards!

Nguyen Thi Chung - Tel: 0962.928.079 - Sale - MEC Vietnam


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